Does him getting upset over being ignored mean he wants me to show more attention and that he likes me?

I text or chat with him every day for months now. Usually I wait until I hear from him to talk, so that he doesn't feel smothered, but today he hadn't messaged me by the time I noticed it was getting very late, and I felt a little bummed out. I decided to message him first and at first he was hardly responsive. Then he said that I was ignoring him all day and put a sad face. I said that I wasn't but he insisted I was and seemed upset (so I apologized). Do you think it was a test or something to see if I would talk to him if he wasn't initiating? And is this a sign he has feelings?


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  • i guess he thought by "waitin to hear from him to talk" he just thought u were ignorin him actually... so does he always initiate?

    if yes then i guess u should do it as well, since this might make him feel being ignored... and yeah he has feelings towards u

    • Yeah he always initiates. I thought I was doing him a favor by giving him space to talk only when he felt up to it, but I guess I should start initiating too. thanks.

    • u r welcome :)

    • thanks :D

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