How do I ask the cashier girl out?

There is this cashier girl working in my local supermarket and I want to ask her out. I am a very shy person and she looks shy as well. What would be a romantic way to ask her out considering that we do not know eachother. How can I do it without making a fool of myself and/or scaring her? Any Ideas?


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  • maybe after saying hello ask her if she'd be interested in going for a coffee when she gets off work?


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  • I recommend just saying hi and doing small conversations then ask for her name repeat the process over a couple of months then ask her out, from what I learned, women who don't know you are less comfortable so get them comfortable with you then ask her out


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  • Assuming she is not 16, I would just try to strike up a conversation (buy a lot of stuff...) and ask if she is up for doing something sometime.

    • Thanks for your idea.
      No no, she is not 16. I am assuming she is like 24 - 25.

    • OK, because I had a neighbor who was about 60 who got hung up on this cashier who was about 30. They were both married, and he was almost stalking her - her manager wound up banning him from the store and eventually his wife threw him out as well.

  • walk away after checking out, stop, turn around and say you forgot something. when she asks what, say, "your phone number."

    tell me how it works