After a year of bonding with a girl whom I have great connection and chemistry, she suddenly ignored me although I'm not sure. What should I do?

She is not a random girl that I've just met. She was my lab partner and we are pretty close outside University as well. We hung out a couple of times for coffee and lunch and we've developed quite a close bond. But she has a boyfriend from the very beginning. Lately, before the start of a new semester we had a great lunch together, we hugged closely before I dropped her to her car. Well, we did hugged after the end of the final semester together , she said ''we'll still see each other in uni" and I replied by saying "we might not" because it's true, in university you will hardly see one another if you're not taking the same subjects. Three weeks after we hung out, I texted her just to see how she's doing? But she did not reply. It's been 48 hours. I Know she's busy working and studying at the same time, but I don't know what's wrong. We agreed to stay in touch but I don't want to cut her off. I still feel that there's a chance we can hang out again by the end of the semester which is three months from now. So what should I do?


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  • it seems she likes u but doesn't want to cheat on her boyfriend


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  • Either she really does have a lot of work to do or maybe she's moved on and thinks that it's kind of "not right" what she's doing with you, considering she has a boyfriend.

    • So should I forget asking her to hang out again in the future?

    • Well if you respect the guy she's with, yeah. Don't be a homewrecker. You can say that "oh no, we're just friends" all you want, dude...

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