True or false:if you didn't date or experiment during college and school years, you've made it difficult to get a partner?

If true, what can one do if they are busy with work.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Everyone's busy with work + kids + life
    so MAKE time for socials, the easiest trail into this would be dance lessons that will bloom into fun socials with nice people. C&W is OK but search locally for ballroom dance.


What Guys Said 1

  • Not more difficult, but I would say you are behind in terms of experiences of dating. Which is not bad and it is not too late or anything, but every I know has been in a relationship at some point or another for over 2 years by this point. Heck I already know what it is like to live with a girlfriend at 23.

    So behind in general? sure, but that is really not the end of the world...

    • Are you sure?

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    • Why do more men say true to this question and more women say false?

    • couldn't say really... Likely something with not having been in a relationship themselves? There tons of teen girls on here in comparison to teen guys. With the poll, you have no idea how old those girls are who are responding, or if they have been in relationships/ had sex.

      but that is just a guess.

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