Is it okay to still come around his family?

Why would an ex girlfriend still come around his family? I understand the possibility of you liking the family and the family pretending to like you or just being nice... Lol
But if your ex boyfriend dumps you would you still come around his family?

SECONDLY, how would you feel if your ex girlfriend still came around your family after you dumped her?


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  • I wouldn't like it especially if it was a no contact break up

    • Does it make her look bad

    • No I wouldn't say that it depends what family's reaction is like

    • But someone dump and you still go to family events it shows little respect for herself in my opinion

Most Helpful Girl

  • Like she still wants him

    • It's sad you are only 14 and you have more common sense than most of the people who answer the question straight to the point and precise.

    • Ok. thanks I guess

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  • Who broke up with whom? For example if the girl broke up with the guy and he still visits her family he is doing so to piss off the girl.

    • The guy dump her I said it in the paragraph

    • Sorry, my fault I missed that. If I dumped someone I would not go around their family, nor would I want her to come around mine

  • well I wouldn't mind because I'm never home that long anyway, and my family hates me so it doesn't bother them... I wouldn't care if an ex came over to see my family, it really doesn't matter


What Girls Said 1

  • As you said maybe they liked the family, what happens between a couple won't affect that relation with the family as long as the goal is not to stick around the ex I find it fine.