Would she let me know if she didn't want to date?

This girls was busy the first two weeks I asked her out. The third time she accepted very easily. We have known each other for a few months now and she has been flirty all of the time. The problem is she also a very friendly person to everyone as well even the last guy she dated. My problem is I asked her out again and she said she was sure she was busy that week. I said we can just do it it later and she said "sure!" It's not like she has stopped being flirty though. She tries to tickle me all the time and puts effort when I text her. How would I know if she wasn't actually interested when she tells people we are supposed to do stuff together? And tries to tickle me in front of people?


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  • maybe she's flirty GENERALLY to many guys and not only u? it seems so if u ask me... not only friendly but flirty as well.

    i believe if she was flirty to u xclusively she wouldn't behave this way in public... but she'd tickle u in private places and only ;)


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