What should I do now/ what are his intentions?

I've had some feelings for a friend lately. Our two friends (who are dating ) for the longest time tried to push us together. The four of us went to movies and the guy I'm interested in put his arm around me. After the movie though he acted luke nothing happened.

I asked my two friends who are closer to him than I am. They told me that he's been hesitant in going after another relationship because his last girlfriend made a bunch of false accusations claiming he did a bunch of stuff (theu made it sound like rape) when he really didn't. Theu told me he's afraid of fucking up another relationship and hurting another girl.

Then later as we hung out he had me sit on his lap and we basically were cuddling. It was like 3am and we all just figured we would spend the night at our friends house. As we all were figuring out sleeping arrangements he made a few comments about how he wouldn't mind a cuddle buddy. I politely declined saying that I am totally interested but maybe another time.

I'm not sure if all the cuddling was just meaningless and just for fun because we're comfortable around each other or if he really has feelings for me. I also feel like he has a few girls on the back burner. When he left this morning he was running late and just said "take care"and left.

What should I do? Should I just ask him what the cuddling meant? Should I invite him to go do something one on one? Or should I forget it?


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  • He likes you he's just a little gun shy

    • Then what do I do next?

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    • Should I just ask him about his intentions or just start off with inviting him to do something one on one.

    • Just start doing thing alcohol helps many you "accidentally" run your hand over and touch something but really if your sitting in his lap there should be a very clear sign if he likes you or not

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