He likes me, but I don't think he's over his ex?

So, there's this guy in my class, and i'm pretty sure he's interested in me. We've gotten really close since we becoming classmates last year.

Naturally as friends, we talked about relationships. He brought up his ex, and until today, he tweets her at random times of the day. I'm not sure if they're texting or anything, but he does seem pretty attached to her.

However, I'm sure he likes me. He's been giving me this vibe since last year. He always looks out for me, he's always nice and goes out of his way to help me. People have also seen the pictures of the both of us, and say that we're cute together. He also became really distant and cold towards me when I got closer to another guy, he didn't congratulate me when I got a leadership position in a club. I'm assuming it's some sort of jealousy.

Once, while having lunch as a group (he was beside me), his best friend asked "Oh, if he asked you out on a date, what would you say?" and I said "I'd say yes, but as a friend." (which was totally wrong)

All in all, could he actually be interested in me while being attached to his ex? Or is he just being a genuinely nice guy?


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  • People's feelings don't just turn off. Sometimes I wish they could but feelings, emotions, the human brain doesn't function like that. We're meant to have lingering feelings so we have some real time to think about our decisions. When you date someone, those feelings are intensified and difficult to let go, especially when you a have daily reminders of that person. It's possible that he is trying to move on, since most guys you meet will have pieces of their ex in their heart, but that isn't a bad thing. What's bad is if he's lingering too much about that person. Dating someone, you get to learn a lot about them and about yourself. Each relationship is a learning experience to get better so when you mean the 'one' you know that chewing with your mouth open bothered the last three girls, so maybe don't do it for this one. Don't worry about it too much until you both start dating and the behavior hasn't changed after it has been addressed officially. As for this behavior in reacting to you is positive. How did he react when you said 'but as a friend?" I can give better information with more details. Data Data Data, I cannot make bricks without clay.

    • wow! thank you for such a lengthy and well thought out response!

      anyway, when i said i'd date him just as a friend, he responded with "whats new", and shrugged a little bit.

      he is really nice, but doesn't always give me the attention i want? he's never tried to personally text me (cause we have a group chat together) and i only personally texted him before we had the group chat together (but this was nearly a year back).

      but in real life, the situation is completely different, he pays attention to what i say, and is very vocal when it comes to me. for example, when my teacher mentioned an exchange programme (which i'm going for) he immediately shouted my name. and whenever i crack jokes but nobody laughs at them, he'll be like "its ok, i'll entertain you"

      and whenever i see him, there's just this 'whoa' eyecontact i can't really explain, i'm hoping this feeling is mutual, but its really hard to tell :-(

      thank you for your answer!

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  • He still wants his ex. Don't waste your time.


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  • he can be both, you get me fam?


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