Is he in love with me or just wants sex or he just wants to hav fun? What must I do end it move on or wait?

I was crushing on this guy for like more than 3months we were studying nursing together and he had a girlfriend at school they seemed happy but somtymz just Duuuh u know? so i gave him ma numbers he called me we hooked up and had sex the same day he made me feel so special it was so amazing. so his girlfriend was away when we hooked up and now da girlfriend is back so he sayz he still wants to hook up with me but he says my girlfriend is back what are we gonna do?
So i want to know if i must end this, wait or just move on and forget about him. he is really nice and kind and sweet but i don't think this is worth it. i also hav a boyfriend but he is very far about 1000 Km away form me so he is not an issue and i told him too. So am confused now is it worth the try because i think i love him n i loved him before we even made love n now its mooore help.


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  • Why are you still with your boyfriend while it is clear that you do not like him anymore? Plus, he has a girlfriend too, so why do you bother?


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