How do I move on from him, he just wanted to get in my pants?

I feel so stupid because I fell for this and got used. A guy that I have been seeing for a while he liked me that's for sure. We had fun together really I had no idea that he was about to use me. I figured that he was more interested in me since he always wanted to see me and suggested that we started dating from the beginning. It was great but then he started acting this way that made me think that he just wants to get in my pants, of course I tried to deny it instead of trusting my guts. One evening he was so desperate for me to come over so I agreed to, I don't think I have to say more. It's been a few hours and I haven't heard anything but I don't think I will either. He has stopped inviting me to hang out like he used to and I don't hear much from him anymore. I even think he found someone else.. It hurts so bad!


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  • Before I can give my opinion, how do you know that he was using you for sex as opposed to wanting to have sex with you?

    • I came over, slept with him, fell asleep with him then in the morning he basically wants me to leave because his "cousin" is "coming over" I had to pick my clothes and go, he has never wanted me to do that before. This was the first time I slept with him, usually he will let me stay for a while and have breakfast. I felt like a one night stand. When I get home I see that he even deleted my facebook messages for some reason!

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    • He just wanted sex that night and I was fully aware of that when I came over that evening, I agreed to but I can't help feeling like he used me. I don't know is it really no point in discussing it? I have been seeing him for a while I feel like he should at least say something, he does like me unless he changed his mind. I do have friends to be with but I prefer to be alone when I get sad.

    • The thing that made me feel like you shouldn't bother talking to him about it is the deleted messages. It is very well possible for someone to really have to rush someone out the door because they are gonna have company, but that combined with the deleted messages indicates to me that he got what he wanted and decided to bail. I'd be wary of him if he decides to contact you and I wouldn't recommend trying to reach out to him.

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  • totally been in your shoes before! its not easy.. but it does get better and easier everyday. You need to to just face the facts and move on. Don't even hate on him or his new girl. Be the better person.


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  • Are you bad in bed

    • That question wasn't necessary or helpful.

    • Your a practice girl

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