"Dating" someone you´re not physically attracted to?

So if you had a person that kind of liked you and found you hot. also you were kind of unlucky with relationships or just partners over all... would you date someone who you aren´t attracted to in a physical way and only mildly attracted to in a mental way?

give reasons why or why not or just thouhts on it please.

by "dating" i mean it was not spcifically said that it would be a date.


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  • No, I wouldn't.
    You can call me shallow all you want but a mutual attractiveness DOES matter in a relationship. If I'm not attracted to you, it's just not gonna work in the long run, if I'm only 'mildly attracted' to you in a mental way in addition to that, it's not gonna work at all.

    • that´s what i think too... but everybody is trying to convince me that i should give it a chance because i might still like her.

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    • yeah it´s kind of strange... nut thanks. i´m definitely not going to be vague about feelings so that she doesn´t get hurt.

    • well, good luck!

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  • My exact situation. Have you been following me? Lol jk :)

    A friend of mine asked me out on a date. I was honest and said that it would be casual dating to see if there was chemistry. We went out twice. Yesterday I told him that while I had a nice time, I couldn't see us more than friends. I gave it a go but I don't think I'll try something like that again. It seems he didn't take it so well after all and now I may be out a friend. Lesson learned.

    • it´s kind of a different story with people you allready know. you can assume they are quite crushing on you allready, when they ask you out. whereas a person you don´t even know can´t like you that much yet.

    • True. If you aren't attracted, don't force it. I thought to try to look past looks but I just couldn't when he tried to kiss me. Attraction is vital. I don't mean they have to be attractive but if he/she is not good looking, you have to be at least drawn to them.

    • yeah... i wish i could just turn my visual preferences off :(

  • No I wouldn't, cause I don't wanna be with someone I'm not physically/sexually attracted to, and if I'm not even mentally/emotionally attracted to them, it's like the most worthless thing ever to get in a relationship with them. It wouldn't work out.

    • ok so in my case i never met her before. just talked to her on a dating site and now on FB. so i don´t really know if i might actually like her in person (character wise).

  • Never ever ever... Attraction is a must not a bonus in a relationship. Normally if I find someone mentally attractive than that results in me being physically attracted to them though.

    • yeah but since i´ve never seen her in real life, i can´t be 100% sure.

  • Nope. I'd rather wait for a guy I want to hold on to. And I hope not to date anyone who is just settling for me.

    • what if you never had a boyfriend before (even at your age).

    • I guess I don't know. I had a long-celibate friend once tell me that if I ever had to go three years without sex I'd stop being picky. I guess if I were desperate I'd act desperate.

    • well i´ve gone longer without sex but i don´t think i´m "desperate".

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