Would you date an androgynous looking person?

Another way to ask this question is basically would/did you date adults in the 80s? (LOL)


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  • I want a girl who looks like a girl from a distance and I want a girl who acts like a girl up close.


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  • Yes, I would.

  • Yes androgyny is very hot to me :)

    • Are you 100% heterosexual?

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    • A strong-jawed female doesn't really necessarily make her look masculine but we seem to be on somewhat of the same page there anyway... now being OK with it is one thing but I'm tryna understand what's "hot" to a fully heterosexual person about someone who likes like the opposite sex ya feel me?

    • Someone like Ruby Rose is androgynous. She looks good to guys and straight girls. Bill Kaulitz is an androgynous guy and I think he's VERY good looking.
      But I wouldn't want to date someone with a vagina. That's what makes me straight.

  • i really dont get the question xD

    but i hate this generation so yes i would date from the 80s lol

    • Look up the meaning of the word then re-think.

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    • There we go kiddo lol

    • xD

What Guys Said 2

  • I'm a little bit bi.

    Like, I like girls, but I also like to look at dudes---especially the androgynus ones (skaters/sceneboys)---but I wouldn't date a guy, though. I myself aren't confident/daring/pretty enough to go through with it.

    So... dating a girl that looked like a boy that looked like a girl would be... more of a fantasy than an actual practice.

    • Son, there's no such thing as being a little bit bisexual ESPECIALLY if you're a guy. I personally don't believe a male can be bisexual but you sound like you're at a questioning point in your life. The fact that you have reasons keeping you from being your true self says it all but respectable answer nonetheless.

  • gary numan.. well i always thought he looked cool at the time

    • But Gary Numan never really looked like a woman... he just seemed like an outsider. Now Boy George on the other hand...

    • yeah it was a weird time... Pete Burns and steve strange also spring to mind. I have to admit i did kind of fancy Phil Oakey from the Human league.. it was the short one side/long one side hair thing.

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