Where would you like to go on the first date?

Where would you like your date to take you?
What would you want/like to do?
How about a walk on the beach or woods


Most Helpful Girl

  • Mini golf or bowling

    • sounds fun when are you taking me?

    • There are tons of places in my area

    • Okay it a date mate, Pick my up at 8 don't be late ;p

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What Girls Said 3

  • Dinner is a classic because it gives you time and space to have a real conversation. I've also had great first dates that were hikes, pool games, walking around and exploring a city or part of town that was new to me... What's not a good first date is a movie or loud band where you can't talk - the point is to get to know each other, and if you're just watching a performance, you really can't.
    Then again, current boyfriend, it was dinner and then we didn't want to end the night, so we went to a play, and then we walked around for a while and talked about the play, and then we didn't want to end the night so we went to a club with a loud band in a place so crowded that the only way to be was dancing to the music with my body pressed up against his. And then I went home with him. That was pretty great.

  • Anywhere and whatever as long as I am with him *-*

  • Maybe like a beach date if it's a nice day. Nothing too over the top


What Guys Said 1

  • A walk on the beach or the woods, is OK butttt not great right away. She doesn't know if you're some rapist or whatever, she needs to be around lots o people for her own safety and so mini golf and or bowling are good choices, they're active (a must) and it's not the movies on a great date (a must). Even if you do the movies I a first date, you better have something else planned for it before or after, that doesn't involve anything Pervt or creepy. You need to be able to talk on a first date, and if you do that I a movie, you'll be the rude jackass


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