Is it a good idea to add a girl whom I'm good friends with on facebook after she ignored my text message two days ago?

After three weeks of no contact since I had a good time hanging with her for lunch, I texted her asking how she was? I got no reply till date. It might be because of her boyfriend, or she might be busy studying and babysitting at the same time. Anyways, I forget to ask her whether she's on facebook so I can add her. I know she is on facebook, but since she did not reply to my text, I don't want to just add her because that might seem desperate, clingy and creepy. Your advice is appreciated. Thanks.


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  • What do you want out of this? Just add her its not a big deal, but bare in mind you already said she has a boyfriend.

    • Your hair is sooo nice but in your message it should be 'bear' and not 'bare'. Bare = nude or without anything on.

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  • What exactly do you think will happen?
    She has a boyfriend?

    If you just want to be friends then yes, add her, but if you want a relationship, she ain't giving you one.


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