Should I wait it out or go now?

I broke up with him 3 months ago because he kept saying that he was too busy for a relationship. The day after the break up he texted me that he was sorry about his behavior and that I was a "sweet girl".

We didn't talk for that whole 3 months. Then this past Sunday I get a text from him asking me how I was. We were just having a general conversation and then all of a sudden he says that he misses me. I told him that I missed him as well. He then asked if he could see me that night. I really wanted to see him so I texted back and told him to come over. Yeah, we had sex.

The sex was different this time though. One of my complaints before was that he never cared if I had fun during the sex, all he cared about was himself. That he would just "fuck me and leave" (my words). This time he told me to sit down and "talk to me" (his words). We just started talking about stuff that was going on with him and then he kissed me. During the sex he kept saying that he was going to try and spend more time with me and that I was "so good to him". After we sat and talked and watched a movie until we fell asleep. He rarely spent the night with me so this was a shocker.

In our first relationship, we had a problem about him being too "busy" that he couldn't text me or see me often. I was usually the one that texted him the most. I know it's only Thursday but I've had to text him the most again. I know that in the grand scheme of things, texting is not that big of a deal but I feel like this is a red flag and I don't want to go through the same feelings I went through the last time with him. I texted him yesterday to invite him to come over to talk about things and he said he couldn't because there was "too much to do" because he was flying to see his family this weekend and driving some car back. That's the first time I've heard about that.

Yes. I know things are very early but if I can cut bullshit in advance then I


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  • I'd want to know what's changed in his life that he can spend more time with you which seems to be what you didn't like before. I don't think anything changed and he was just horny

    • Well for starters, he's in grad school and it's the summer so he's off now and he's about to graduate. He also got a new job so that could cut a lot of his time away. And also he made it seem like it was a "I didn't know what I had until it was gone" kind of situation.

      Also I should say that Sunday night I told him no and he was fine with that. He suggested that we meet up sometime in the next week. It wasn't like he was in dire need or something.

      I've seen him horny. When he's like that he doesn't care about my needs at all. It's all about him. This time it was all about me. And he held me in his arms all night.

    • But there's the too much to do comment

    • He was talking about getting ready to fly to his family.

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  • His only goal was to have sex with you.


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  • I was this guy once and made the mistake of not telling the girl my true feelings for her and lost out forever. Make sure you get him to be real with you.

    • I plan to. I wan't to talk to him today but I don't know how to go about it without sounding emotional or clingy.

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