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I guy that I been dating for a while spent a night at my place on the second day because it was really late and he was too sleepy to drive home. He came inside and fell right on my bed and went to sleep. In the mourning, we slept til 7am because he woke me up and we just started to talk for 3 hours. Not one time when he was there with me did he even try anything. I mean, its a good thing cause it lets me know that he is not about sex, but unusual for him to not even try a lil. We laid up on each other talking and everything but just surprised he didn't try to do anything with me that night or mourning. I didn't want it because it was too early anyways but thought he would try him being a guy and all. What you think? We went on another date this past Wednesday so I know that he is into me, but do all guys at least try something if alone with a woman?


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  • maybe not I had a similar experience this summer where I stayed the night at the same palce as this girl I liked , although in different beds and cuase we were both too drunk to drive home , but we didn't end up doing anything that night and wasn't sexual at all , but I look back on it with some regret as it was one of the closest times in last year or so I've got to actually geting anywhere with a girl in bed . but I don't think at the time she was ready to do anything or maybe she didn't want to do anything , I don't know but I look back and wish we had hooked up that night instead .

    • Oh so you were just not too eager to have sex with her? I mean, that's good.

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