Girl is confusing meone day she's saying something related to being together and the next day she says something about not wanting to be with anyone?

OK well I've known this girl for a little while now prolly about a year now. Well I told her I wanted to marry or later. Well yesterday she met me to give me the food she got me and she didn't have any make up on and I told her she looks beautiful just the way she is, and her response was better get used to it, this is what your gonna be seeing everyday one day. Then the next day she was going to a concert with some people at work and we were talking on the phone before she was going and she had said something about that's why there's no boyfriend for me or something like that.. so can someone help me figure out what she's doing here?


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  • She changes her mind quite often and she wants to string you along.


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  • Girls who actually like you will want to make it easy for you, they won't go around and play these senseless mind games for a year.

    It seems to me she is undecided or at the very least, she's enjoying the attention you're giving her.

    I would use the "Takeaway". I would ask her out right away. If she she rejects it just say "Ok well let me know if you change your mind. Catch you later!".


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