Should I give him a chance or just move on?

i met a guy earlier this summer and we hit it off right from the get go. We had great chemistry and literally talked 24/7. We were pretty much inseperable and he even expressed to me how much he likes me.

Earlier this month, he moved back to school early for his basketball training and summer classes. Since then, he hasn't texted me much and eventually stopped altogether. Instead he snapchatted me a lot and he still likes all of my Instagram pictures... faithfully lol.

Last week, I asked him if he just wanted to stop talking (b/c I didn't hear from him for weeks). He told me he wants to continue talking, but explained how busy he is with basketball. I suggested we just pick things up when he's not as busy... he said he wouldn't like that, but it may actually be best.

I'm not sure how to feel about this... should I wait to see if he'll keep his word and come back or just move on?
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  • if things were as good as you say they were , why would you not just continue working with how things are now? if at the first sign of a hardship you think about moving on down the line you may want to just not be in a relationship for a while to be honest. its not like your saying he may have or has in fact cheated or anything

    • But that's what concerns me... trust. I know there are a lot of girls at his school who throw themselves at him. How do I know he's not involved with someone else at his school or entertaining those other girls? There are flirty comments all over his Instagram from girls at his school, but they were all before we met. He doesn't acknowledge them, but it still just worries me.

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    • Thank you sooo much! And thanks for helping me see the mistake I made! I'm gonna fix this 😊

    • good for you young Lady :- ))

Most Helpful Girl

  • Well I was going to say give him a chance but now he's agreeing with you so that's a tough one. Ask him what he really wants?


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  • He's busy, what the hell do you think? He isn't a nobody who has a phone in his hand all day. He's got a life.


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  • wait little but honestly keep yourself a chance to move on. talk with other guys.


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