Girls, If a girl wasn't interested but knew I was (she's a sweetie) would she like my Facebook stuff relating to relationships and taking chance?


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  • Yes, people like photos and status of all sorts without being interested in the poster.

    • She's kissed me before so if she's not interested she would do everything in her power to not show anything towards me wouldn't she? We text everyday but haven't gone out again but she's extremely busy and has been gone most of the month. I personally think that she's very interested based on the kiss and her phone call after the date that night. So if she regrets it and isn't interested you would think she'd stay clear of me right?

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    • So she is clearly interested then right? Even though she said she's ok with friends but to me that means she wants to go slow and get to know me before jumping in to anything. Do you agree? She's been hurt in the past and she has no father but she slowly starts trusting me more and more

    • Only reason I ask is because I specifically posted a photo that states it takes courage to take a chance and trust someone not to put you through what the last guy did. I posted it because I feel like that's what she's doing is building up trust for me so she doesn't get hurt and I hoped she would see it and not only did she but she liked it as well. That's a good sign right?

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