Girls, Do you find a guy more appealing by himself or with a group of friends?

Who would you be more interested in and who would you be more likely to approach?

Girls, Do you find a guy more appealing by himself or with a group of friends?
  • The guy with his friends, because...
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  • The guy on his own, because...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I am dating the guy not the guy and his friends ;)

    • I'm not talking about a guy who is with his friends 24/7 that you have to pry away. I'm talking about initially meeting someone at bar/club... would you be more interested in guy by himself or someone who came with friends. I feel it's more comfortable to be with a group but gives you less opportunity to mingle and do whatever because you'd be ditching your entourage for some stranger.

    • I didn't mean that either :) him being alone is much more interesting because he will be himself

    • I guess I need to go out more on my own than...

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What Girls Said 2

  • Completely alone.. I don't like.. Too much friendly or loud/popular guys..

  • I would never go to a group of guys alone, it's so awkward, most of the time a group of girls hang out with a group of boys. And I think I would make more eye contact with a guy who is making eye contact with me. So if a group of girls is coming over and you see the girl who you are most physically attractive to, you should make eye contact with her the most. That way she'll know that you're interested in her.

    If a guy was alone and we're making eye contact, I would hope the guy comes to me to say hello


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