Girls, would you date this guy?

you guys sleep in the same bed, you wake up to him hyperventing and soaked sheets. realisng he wet the bed. you look at him and say. are you ok?

would you still date him? why or why not?

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I might. lol


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  • he pees himself or sweats like crazy at night?

    either way, seems like there is something very wrong psychologically like on GAGer said could be trauma so of course not i won't leave him
    we would make precautions though and try to fix it together but no won't leave him


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  • yeh, im not gunna leave him over something small like that. everyone wets the bed

  • Everyone makes... Mistakes. I wouldn't NOT date him for this incident if that's what you're asking. For all you know, it could have been a panic attack.

    • you dated him, slept in the same bed. you wake up to wet sheets. and he lies about everything to you, even the small stuff. he gives you cold stares and has a creepy vibe to him.

    • If you feel this negatively about him in the first place, why are you in the bed with him?

  • Naw, clearly he has some kind of trauma or serious nightmares that's making that happen so I wouldn't leave him, it'd be shitty to leave someone just for being damaged emotionally.

  • He probably has a reason for this. I don't think that's been like that forever.

  • Does it happen everyday?

    He can go to the Doctor's to see what he can do to stop it.

    • only once, out of the blue

    • It's okay then.

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