Sleeping with someone you're not exclusive with?

I slept with a guy that I was dating and after telling my friend about it she was like of course you're not gonna hear from him again because I spread my legs for someone I'm not exclusive with which apparently means that I lack self respect. She said do you know what guys say about those girls? Honestly I regret it but I waited about three months until I couldn't keep myself from doing it with him. Is this a reason to as why he would want to stop seeing me? I feel like if he wanted to be with me, if he really liked me he would stay with me no matter, sex shouldn't play a part to that am I right? Or do you stop seeing a girl if she sleeps with you and you're not exclusive? I just don't see how this would've made any difference.

I didn't spread my legs right away we were dating.


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  • I can't speak for the guy you are currently seeing, nor predict his further actions in what he intends on doing. The truth is, sleeping with someone (girl or guy) too soon, and especially when you are not exclusive can ruin things between you two. Now, I've answered many questions concerning when to sleep with your partner, why not to sleep with them, and everything in between. I'm usually against it because once you do sleep with a guy, to him that is the highest level and time to quit the game. And this is normally true in most cases, but yours might be different in the sense that you have been seeing each other for almost three months. You might wonder why this plays a factor? The reason you don't sleep with a guy too soon is because that is usually what they are after, and if you deny them it, they have to work hard to get it. When a guy invests time, energy, and money into a girl, especially for an extended time period (lets say 3 months just to be random) it's much harder for him to want to leave because then he has to honestly say to himself, 'I just spent all that over the last three months just to sleep with her. Should I really move on?' This question is asked of most guys to themselves which most of them look at the two weeks or even a month and easily shake their heads. So the guy you're seeing has taken three months working with you and seeing you, and yes, he most definitely is trying to sleep with you, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. You wanted to sleep with him too and it's a beautiful thing. So to answer some of your quick questions, You sleeping with him after 3 months is not a good reason for him to split, unless immediately right after you said the word marriage. Completely serious about that. I hope you understand sex does play a big part, because that is usually what guys are after... at first. And I should clarify that not all guys are after girls just for sex, but we all are definitely thinking about it and on our to do list. I hope I answered your questions with clarity. Feel free to message me if you're wondering about anything else. Good luck!


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  • Your friend sounds like a bit of a judgmental know-it-all. Is she a dating expert? Is she happily married or is she just sore because you got with a guy you liked?

    In my experience, this does not change his desire for you. Either he was the kind of guy who only wanted to have sex with you or he genuinely likes you. If the latter is the case then being intimate is more than likely going to make him like you more. That's from my experiences.

  • You did what you wanted to do. Don't mind other people's opinion. It's your life, it's your choice and no one has the right to judge your decisions. It depends solely on the guy if this made any difference. Wait and see what he does next and you'll know where you're at with him. But whatever happens... if you felt right doing it, it was right for you and you shouldn't regret it, because someone told you it was wrong in their eyes.

  • honey if thats the reason that guy did not call you back then he is a douche.. judging you just because of a natural instinct and behavior.. good bye ( you're lucky he's out)

  • It depends on each individual.

    He may think like that or he may not.
    Or maybe that's all he wanted.


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