Girls, House or Wilson? The asshole or the nice guy?

I assume most of you are familliar with House. I think we girls are attracted to an 'asshole' or bad boy it's someone like house that they want, rather than someone who's downright evil and malevolent. Wilson is ofcourse undeniably a nice guy - that doesn't mean he won't cheat.

Anyway which would you rather? Feel free to elaborate on why.
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Any girls have an answer on this? You can say which you'd prefer even if you wouldn't want either.
Anyone else have an opinion? Ideally someone who's seen it...


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  • I'm not a girl but I'd still vote for House. House usually knows whats going on and though he seems more extreme, he's actually more logical than he lets on. He is complete in his actions and solid while struggling with his issues. Wilson is an overall good guy, but at times I've found him to be extremely spineless in doing whatever it takes to keep his licence or willing to hurt other people just to save himself. House has saved so many people where he was going to pay the price, but he understands the value of human life. I liked the episode with the girl who was a smoker and she needed a heart transplant ( think it was the heart, maybe lung) and he lied so she could get it. There is the letter of the law and the spirit of the law.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Nah I dont like Houses personality much but he says funny shit sometimes. Also I find him more attractive pbyscially than Wilson.

  • Wilson, House is too much.

  • wilson and house are not nice guy and bad guy

    they are more like interesting, knows a lot and is funny (and caring,.. yes very caring)

    and kinda of... well a father, like wilson is the guy you go to for advice and deep lessons and stuff about life... maybe if i was older i would look at it differently but right now he kinda feels like a father lol

    but if we are talking romantically.,... then house can just leave lol wilson all the way


What Guys Said 3

  • House! House! House!

    • Are you answering for yourself or what you'd expect/want girls to answer?

    • (That was a sincere question.)

    • I just love House's character, I don't think that I would want to be in a relationship with him thought and I'm unsure of how many people would prefer to be with him romantically speaking.

  • House? Wilson? am I missing out on something?

    • You're not familiar with the TV series House?

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    • It was a US TV series but it was broadcast in quite a few countries. But fair enough that you're unfamiliar with it.

    • i may know it with another name.. and might have stopped watching it very early since I can't stand German dubbing

  • Not everyone can handle , the Gregory House.


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