Why do girls play games? I want her more than ever now, is it a hopeless situation?

i just want to say, I'm well aware that not all girls play games, and many guys are guilty of it too.

Im asking as my ex and I broke up around 5 or 6 weeks ago, she said she needed time... around 3 weeks into the break up she started initiating contact, and found out I had been on a date with a new girl, only as friends. She got really really jealous, saying you took her to our place, you obviously didn't like me that much if you moved on that quick and asked if she was pretty. A week after that I got a text from my ex saying she really, really misses me, wants to see me, can't belive she let me go etc... I stupidly actualy sort of belived this, we sent a few texts to eachother over the next few days, and she said she had time too think and wants me back etc... after that I thought about the situation and still had feelings for her and decied a few days later to ask her if she wanted to meet up. She excitedly said yes she would love to, and asked how I was, what I've been up to, seemed very intrested and keen. So I thought things were looking up, a day later I asked her when she was next free to get together... No reply... I gave her some space and left it, thinking she would get back to me. Two weeks on and I caved, I asked her again if she wanted to meet up and do something... Again no reply... I can't see why she would show all that intrest then just ignore me? Whats going on with her, is it a done deal, should I just move on and if she text me then fine if not it doesn't matter?

I assume she's obviously playing some sort of game? the real question I want to know is why do that? I was doing well getting over her then she gave me faulse hope of seeing her again and I feel Im back to square one, and I want her more than ever now! Why play games like that? What does she hope to gain from telling me she misses me ect? any advice and oppinions would be great thanks for reading..


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  • Honestly ill tell you bluntly she likely found somebody else that she wants to be involved with instead of you. Sorry for the bad news but she might have been really interested and then somebody else caught her eye so she moved on because people tend to remember the bad times with somebody more than the good times. I would call her or visit her and see whats up instead of texting a number of things could have happened her plan could have gotten cancled or she could have lost her phone so go visit her and see what is really going on but be prepaired if she is seeing somebody else then she may tear your heart out and stomp on it but keep in mind that if that is the case that you should take the higher road and just accept it smile and move on and wish her luck with her new relationship and then walk away and never respond to her again even if she tries to contact you again. If she was trully interested in you she would have come and found you.


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  • She wants you to follow her around like a puppy dog since you guys broke up. She wants to make you seem desperate to her friends. Do not fall for this bait. I say ignore her texts no matter what since you guys are already broken up.


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  • It sounds like she only wanted you back when she thought you had someone else but as soom as she had you back on the hook she got what she wanted and ignored you. So basically she gets an ego boost from knowing she can have you back if she wants.
    Dont fall for it again -just move on with your life even if she comes crawling back again. You deserve someone who loves you and treats you right.
    I never go back to ex's... usually they are an ex because there was some unresolveable difference and I've already thrown everything at it to try make it work before breaking up with them.


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