Girls, She likes a lot of my Facebook posts but never my profile picture. Is that a bad sign?

We've talked for over a month and gone out on a date and she kissed me and called me to thank me afterwards. Then we had a second date planned and she got distant and she told me gets attached quickly and falls too easily to think clearly and she said she's ok with friends. I take that as she doesn't wanna jump into anything. We met online and now her profile is hidden. My question is why won't she like any of my profile pictures but like his other dudes profile pic that she added after me? We still text everyday and she's opening up to me more and more everyday even teasing me a bit and challenging my opinions. She asks a lot of personal questions. I'm just worried she's more into this other guy as she likes his profile pics but never mine is that a bad sign or am I just overthinking it. Keep in mind she's extremely busy and this guy is from her home town so he could just be a friend but I have no idea.


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  • She likes u... i think that u r overthinking this... usually it could be that she doesn't want anyone to know that u guys r in touch... it could be any reason... but dont let the fb thing affect u... it could also be for her to get ur attention... maybe she is seeing how possessive u r of her... there can be many reasons... good or bad... so u can look at the brighter side n be positive otherwise if u look at the darker side only it will make things worse
    but if it really bothers u a lot u can talk to her about it
    show her that u only want her
    girls tend to like all the attention
    best of luck :)


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  • Maybe she's trying to play it cool, you know? Obviously she likes you. Don't sweat it.

    • , Me: goodmorning hope you have a great day! Her: thanks, hope your day is good too! Is this a good sign?

    • Lol yes

    • Lol am I being a dork? I just really like her and I've been hurt so much in the past by getting attached but this time it's different and I really like her!

  • It's not a sign of anything. relax! if you really want to know, ask her! we're humans, we can communicate you know?

  • Not sure...
    Not in the know when ti comes to facebook.


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