Why do things seem different after the second date?

I met this guy a week ago and we just had our second date yesterday. The first date was perfect. We both had a really good time. After the date he text me to tell me he really liked me and really wanted to see more of me. We texted a couple of times a day. Then we had our second date yesterday. It felt really good at the time. He was slightly stressed about work and had to spend some of the evening on his phone. I stayed at his place, but we didn't hookup. In the morning he just cuddled until I had to leave. When I left he kissed me and told me he wanted to see me again. I text him later that morning to say I'd had a good time and that maybe we could do it again sometime. He replied saying "sure. that sounds good. Glad to hear you had a good time". I just replied saying that I really had and hoped he had too. He replied several hours later saying that it had been a perfect start to the day and that he was really busy which was why he hadn't replied sooner. I text him back to just say sorry the day was busy and hope he was relaxing. He text back to ask what I was up to. I replied but he's not read it (he has read reciepts) or text me since late last night.

Is he really actually busy with work or is he blowing me off? Should I just ask him? He's been very upfront and asked me to be the same - like telling me he's not seeing other people and hoping I'll do the same. It feels slightly weird now. I don't know if that's on my end or on his. As he's been so open and forward before, should I just do the same and ask him?


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  • He just really stressed


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  • It doesn't sound like he is blowing you off.

    He might be busy.


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