First date with a girl and she talks a lot?

Ok i kinda went on a first date with this girl. What i noticed was that she talks a lot but she asks few questions about me. like i would ask her one thing then she would go on telling me some random stories along with it haha.

ok i dont mind if she does talk a lot, but just wonder if her interest level is less if she does?
bare in mind that i've known her for around 8months. this is the first time we've met face-to-face since 8months ago (which we met at some event).
during which we chat occasionally then she asked me out.


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  • There are generally three possibilities, I think, when someone talks a lot/mostly talks about themselves.

    1. They are self-centered.

    2. They are nervous.

    3. They are socially awkward.

    The first is pretty straightforward, but not everyone who talks a lot about themselves on a first date is necessarily full of themselves. Sometimes you're just nervous or not very good at conversation with people you don't know very well. Like, you aren't really good at knowing what to ask the other person, and you're worried about awkward silences, so when the other person asks you a question, you just sort of run with it. You might even feel good about it because you feel like the conversation is moving along, and not stop to realize that you've mainly been talking about yourself and forgot to ask the other person anything about themselves in return.

    When I was younger, I was very shy and had a hard time talking to people I didn't know very well. My counselor gave me the advice, "Ask a lot of questions---people like to talk about themselves". As I've gotten older, I've realized that it isn't necessarily that people "like" to talk about themselves (of course, there are certainly some people who do), but that "yourself" is often the easiest thing to talk about, because it's the subject that you know best. It's also easier to answer a question than to come up with interesting questions to ask another person. When I got that advice, I thought back to my previous interactions with people and realized that a lot of the interactions I had had with people had been pretty one-sided, because I had a much easier time taking the "passive" role in conversations----answering other people's questions, rather than being the one to drive the conversation myself, or finding a more equal balance. Interestingly, if I'm talking to someone I perceive as being shyer than I am, then I tend to be the one asking all the questions instead... but I had to make a conscious effort to have more balanced conversations with people who were better at driving the conversation than I was.

    Sorry that was long-winded, but I guess my point is, while I have no idea what category this girl falls into, I wouldn't necessarily take it as a lack of interest. If you like her, I'd give it some time, though still keep an eye out for signs that she might be a self-centered person.


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  • Dude that's the best
    The less you have to say the better

    Just make her feel special, and take care of her! Lol
    She will love you forever


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  • It could be possible that she is nervous and she is talking a lot more than normal which is a problem I have.

    • Actually I am known to be really funny, but around girls I like I sorta talk about awkward things... it's my downfall.

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