Why do I feel wrong for being ready to find the "one" and settle down?

At 23, I finally feel ready. Over the years, I've been the independent college woman who doesn't need a man, but finally, something has changed and I'm ready to spend my time and life with someone. I want someone to cook for, watch movies with, laugh, cuddle, cry, and just give my all too. I crave that companionship so much, which is new for me. (I'm beginning to think moving to a townhouse alone has made me realize that I want someone to share it with.)

So, I guess the question is, why do I feel so wrong for it? The last guy I was talking to had so many walls and hanging out in person was too much pressure for him, and he said I crossed his boundaries when I joked about skinny-dipping. He wouldn't ask me out, so things could progress, and ultimately made me feel crazy for wanting a real relationship. It's not only him, but a lot of men my age... I just feel like it's going to be hard to find someone who is ready for that too.

My heart has so much love to give, but for some reason the love I'm lookin for seems so far away.


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  • Its just 23 is just a young age. Im 19 and i honestly can't see myself falling in love with girls. I kind of just want to bone them and just hang out in a really casual way. Living in the same house and oing everything together just seems like something old people do. I like being away from my girlfriend untill the weekend because then you can't get. tired of them. I think. the guys around your age are still like me. Plus let be honest, if this is really all there is, then why not use your younger years to date around. I suggest you just date random guys just to see what you like or dont like. You dont have to have sex but just meet with guys and do stuff together li jerk bowling or go drinking togethef.


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  • I have the same problem at 21. My peers at uni aren't really that invested in relationships and the ones who are more interested usually want a relationship TOO much in the sense that they become or act desperate and start doing off putting things. That has been my dating experience so far. I either get one of the extremes.

    My advice is that you must not stop searching. It's perfectly fine to want to find someone special and to settle down. I'm 21 and already feel like that. Don't settle. Wait till you find that guy. I know he's out there and I know the right guy is out there for me too. We just need to be more patient and in the mean time try to be happy on our own while maximizing our opportunities to meet new people.


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  • You feel wrong for this because this goes against who you are and who you've had been... You're becoming a new person

    It is a big jump to being independant to sharing your experiances with

    Could be some sort of sub consious resistance so go slow don't dive in the deep end


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