What do you think of trying to wait until you get to college to find someone to date, if dating sites ect hasn't really worked for you?

wasn't quite sure exactly HOW to word this question, but I've had really 3 girlfirends in my life, which isn't a bad thing. my last relationship ended about a year ago and I'm looking to get myself out there and find a special girl who will hopefully stay in my life for the long haul. I've tried dating sites with really absolutely no luck (meaning I'd send out messages but absolutely no replies). So I'm really hoping that when I go to college this fall that maybe I'll find someone. I don't know... is that dumb? lol. Also does anyone have any tips for college dating/ obtaining a significant other. I will say this, my ex's all came from online dating, so I'm trying to make myself more confident when talking to women in person in the hopes of maybe getting them on a date... I just don't know really where to begin in that aspect. Sure I can be myself and I plan on it, I mean I would want her to fall in love with me not well someone else... but I just don't know how to play my cards if that makes sense. Also what was your dating experience like? how did you get your significant other (if you met them in college or in person first) to give you a chance at a date? ... So any and ALL advice on anything dating in college/ trying to get a girl to a first date by talking to her in person would be very appreciated!

Thank you all for taking the time in reading this and answering my question. (also sorry this was a bit long).


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  • Talk to every girl surround yourself with them and theyll be instantly attracted to you.

    • lol that sounds easier said than done.

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    • Rejection everybody goes through just keep greeting those girls and sooner or later theyll talk to you trust me. Good luck friend. :)

    • oh yeah I know that lol. and thank you, I'm going to need it! lol

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