I need help with figuring out what my dream meant?

I had a dream that my boyfriend end was in. We've been dating for a year now and the dream I had really shocked me and made me sad for the rest of the day and I need closure about what it could have meant? Or just opinions really.
In my dream; my boyfriend had proposed to me and I had said yes, we were much older and by this time we had been together for about 8 years or so. He left something and I decided to give it to him at his house where I assumed he lived alone? A girl wearing a scarf, fairer than me and had a very apparent bulge opened the door. I asked who she was and she replied she was his wife. And I just went completely numb and shocked. He then came out afterwards and asked the girl casually who it was and stopped when he saw me. It ran through my head that he had been with me for almost 10 years and during this time he'd gotten married and had sex with another woman, made her pregnant and still proposed to me and told me loved me? I got into my car, drove off until it was about 5am in the morning called him, furious, and broke up with him and drove some more until I was blubbering and crying and had a car crash and then woke up.
I told him about the dream and he assured me that would never happen and that I'm his first and last and his intention is to marry me but the dream just won't let go. Like, I can't forget it. It's really bugging me. Can anyone help?


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  • That dream seems to be your hidden subconscious fears running away in dream form. Unless you usually have dreams that predict the future (which some people do) I wouldn't worry about the dream. It is normal to be shock and emotional at such a dream, but of course the dream isn't real, even though it was emotional and had an effect when you woke up.


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