Dating hipsters: does anyone else find it difficult?

When you first start talking to a hipster, they seem cool, unique and down to earth. I'm into underground music, so if they have similar taste that's what I like. I'm also cultured cause I grew up in a different country so that's probably why sometimes I'm drawn to American hipster guys. At first they seem cool, but when you get to know them to see that their whole style is a facade, and they're actually more superficial than other people. It's like they base their entire personality on how they are viewed, instead of anything more complex. They have the same style, emphasize the same things, etc.

One thing I find frustrating is that they're always too serious, and they don't make authentic humor match with the people they're dating. Humor is the best part of dating someone! Lighten up! Enjoy it. I don't know why everything has to be impressionistic, romantic and serious right away.

Does anyone one else have other points to add? Are hipster girls the same way? I've googles articles on the matter and I wanna know what the GaG community thinks.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's ok when you're younger. When you're older, it's no longer cute... it's kinda annoying...

    • Yeah. The guys I'm talking about are like 22-27 age. And they're very pretentious..

    • Yeah... it's all about being pretentious.

Most Helpful Girl

  • while this came off as kind of an odd question, i think the details were very well said. i personally have never dated a "hipster" because i've had no attraction or desire to hang out with someone like that often. i know what they're about and i think i'd get bored with them quickly.
    i'm sure "hipster" girls are the same way, but maybe even worse lol. teenage girls are still growing as a person, and they generally try to just fit in. we all know about the typical white girl stereotype. instagram, starbucks, having extremely common interests and styles.. etc. of course teenage boys aren't an exception, they try to fit in and be cool too. i might just pay more attention to the way teenage girls act because i was one of them a few years ago.

    • This guy I'm talking to is 26. At first I thought he was cool and unique, but nope. Turns out he's just another hipster obsessed with superficial things and attention for being "cultural" and "different". He always asks me to go hiking as if there's nothing else to do lol

    • yeah, that's annoying. i can't stand being with someone like that. maybe he just likes hiking though? XP at least he's active

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What Guys Said 1

  • Any time someone says that they like something "ironically" I look at them and say "you mean 'condescendingly' right, asshole? Because other people liking something you don't makes them stupid, right?"

    Yeah, I get all fucking confrontational with people once they start pulling out the hipster cred.

    • I don't get where you stand with this question. Care to explain?

What Girls Said 1

  • I would never date a hipster.
    They are dirty, awful, obnoxious, useless, self-righteous, entitled, babies.

    • Yeah they're annoying. This guy I'm talking to seemed cool but it turns out he's another pretentious hipster.

    • I have yet to meet one that isn't

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