How do I get my boyfriend to meet me half way?

So i have ask at least 1 a month for my boyfriend of 1 year and 6 months to make more time for me, he gives me reasons like i gotta get up for work and i say to that i do too, so how do i get him to want to spend more time with me, if he doesn't i might have to breakup with him, which is something I so don't want to do, the reason he has such issue with work is back in 2012, he got laid off from work and it's was such a trauma for i can tell, that he is so afraid it will happen again. But I am lonely in this relationship and should i tell him I am lonely in this relationship do you think that would open his eyes, how show i express this to him? Please help?


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  • i know he can't leave his work since it's important to him... but u can tell him u need to see him from time to time coz it makes u feel lonely. and if he can't just mention it'd be better to put an end to it, but without makinin it like it seems u hate him u know...

    • I hear what you are saying and thank you. I definitely don't hate him i start to cry when i think i might have to breakup with him

    • u r welcome :)

      but if he doesn't have any time for u i guess it'd be better to break-up actually...

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  • I would say express your feelings, write a letter if you feel. Tell him how you feel and if nothing changes. Then obviously you don't mean as much to him (sorry) cause if a guy really likes you he will make time for you.


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  • You should talk about it.
    How I'm not sure but try to do it in a positive way. What I mean by that is if you approach him about it in a negative way it becomes a negative situation which can make a guy uncomfortable etc. Which can cause him to tune out etc.
    Next I think you should let him know that you need him.
    Try working with that do it positively and make him feel needed.

  • It isn't going to change. You've already asked him to spend more time and he always has an excuse. You've a decision


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