When a guy asks like this, what does it mean?

Me and this guy have been talking for a little over two weeks now. He's complimented my musical abilities, we've swapped videos of each other singing, and he seemed to take an interest in my life. He posted on a group Facebook page there's a concert next week, so I brought it up to him, and he said "Yeah, you should def come!" I'm going to be the only girl there, and he sent me a Youtube video of the band. Long story short, I told him to keep me updated on car pooling plans, and he said he would keep me posted and asked for my number... Does this mean anything?


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  • he means he literally wants your number. we are direct in those cases...


What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like he is Into you for More than your Music Ability, he Likes you as well, I can tell.
    Good luck. xx


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