Help me pick the best text for this situation?

Trying to open up communication again with a woman who I dated for over two months but with a combination of a divorce being finalized and I pushing more that I should have (for the situation) she has becomet distant. Before that, everything was good.

I told her I knew she needed space, when you change your mind, get in touch. She messaged the next day and after a couple texts I said I'ld love to see you when you're free. Then she never replied. I don't know why she got in touch the day after I said, when you change your mind get in touch if she was going to stop replying. That was two or three weeks ago.

Texts I was thinking of were,

1. Friends and I are searching for that place uptown with the good oysters. What's the name of it again?

2. Heard the XX's today. Reminded me of a fun night. Hope you're doing better

2. Took my friend to sushi last night. Reminded me of when we went and then had icecream later on the bench. Hope you're doing better

Ideas? Thoughts?


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  • I would go with the first one. The other two are pushing it, if it already seemed like you were not giving her enough space the first time around. If she needs space and you were pushy before reminding her about a memory of the two of you is not giving her space. With number one however you have better chance you can have an excuse to break into a conversation.


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  • Say hi! I was just thinking about you and missed not hearing from you.. Hope all is well , would love to talk again..


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  • Drop the "doing better" part. It implies that her disinterest in talking to you was something damaged about her.

    • She wasn't going good when I last saw her. She was crying and stuff

    • I don't really know the situation, so I'm just telling you my gut reaction. You can hope she's doing well without referring to how things were when last you saw her. Or you can trust your judgment and say it your way - you know her and I don't.

    • She replied back, Hi, I'm doing well, I hope you are too.

      So I'll wait till Monday to reply.

  • I would go with the second text


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