Girls, Is giving you advice and showing that you care about the persons well being a sign of interest?

We've u g out once and known eachother for s couple months. The date went about as perfect as a date can go. I got scared and she got scared and we haven't hung out since. I'm very busy. I REALLY like her and I've never felt this way this quick about a woman ever!! She's perfect so far. Anyways she backed off one day telling she's not I looking for anything serious not a relationship and it looks like Iam and that she doesn't wanna give false intentions and she's ok with friends but that was after I came in too strong one day. We hardly texted after that but we still texted. I gave her space and now she's opening up to me and she challenged my opinions, she shows that she cares about me by giving me advice on my injury, she teases me a little bit (nothing over the top) we text everyday now minus our busy weekends. Is she just friendly it interested? I personally think she's interested just because we talk often and it's always something new and exciting and. It's the simplest things and we still talk. My personal opinion is that she's been hurt in the past (she's even told me that) and that she want to go slow and not rush into anything. She's never been in a relationship longer than 3 months, she's always rushed into things and she even mentioned she doesn't like the pressure of making something happen. Since I haven't pressured her is when she came back and we started talking like we did at first only better. Do you guys agree that she's interested but just cautious to make sure I'm not gonna hurt her and that I'm not a player? I mean if I'm patient with her that shows that hat I care right? What do you guys think?


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  • That doesn't exactly mean that you're interested in the person it just means you care about the person some may take it differently than that, but not all.

    • Did you read the whole question lol

  • Here I go feeling the need to ask several questions before I can see the clearer picture here...

    You said you came on too strong and it caused her to back off. What did you do and how did she back off? How is she challenging your opinions and giving you advise on your injury? (as you put it) what injury?(sorry being nosey with that one, but I'm sure all inquisitive minds would like to know lol) you said you didn't pressure her and then she came back... Did she leave? Did you loose contact before?

    Now, I can answer one question for you... Yes if you're patient that shows that you care. But if she doesn't want "pressure" put on her then just let it flow and continue the friendship. This way here you can still be involved in each others lives.


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