What are your thoughts on the rise of single mothers?

If you look it up it looks like we are on a upward trajectory for single mothers. Is this terrible for society or does it not really matter. What do you think contributes to this.


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  • I'm a single mom. I know that for a while now teens and society in general have become more liberal with their sexuality and a lot of households don't teach their kids and daughters values as much as they did. My parents raised my sheltered and were strict. I met someone at 19 who I thought I'd spend the rest of my life with, and things happened. I think it will affect society if the mother gets on public assistance as this is detrimental to everyone. The best thing is to get a job like I did. I do not count on welfare nor do I look forward to it. I may not be with their dad anymore but they still have positive male role models in their life, my older brother for one, and my dad. I used to be in your shoes, debating about the effects and judging single moms in general. Truth of the matter is that life happens and sometimes things you're not prepared for hit you but it's not the end of the world. Its hard when some of us get abused later or cheated on and we have to go our own way. There are a lot of sociopath men out here who make a career out of fooling and trapping good women. I was very depressed after and realized how hard life was going to be, but it's not. The only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves and with the right attitude and support us and our children can have a great, normal life. Sadly not everyone gets the help or support from family and they let themselves become depressed, oppressed or just give up on their dreams.


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  • Oh it matters a lot.

    The problem is that we have people who have sex irresponsibly and that people won't use protection and people are learning about sex at younger and younger ages.

    The fact that the father's not involved in raising the kid is also a huge factor. The couple has sex when they're not ready, they break up before the baby is born. The guy either disappears or just pays child support and in cases where he wants to be in the child's life, the girl refuses and makes up a buncha BS that the courts buy into.

    Another problem is how defensive they get when you point out how irresponsible they are. They'll get mad when guy doesn't accept the fact that it's a dealbreaker and the stuff I'll point out next will probably annoy so many of them.

    Many single mothers are actually creating a huge drain on the economy. If you meet many of them, they live off of government assistance. I know one who has social services paying for her daycare, receiving WIC and not even using it, just giving away the food and not giving it to her kids, and she gets mad at the fact that if she makes more money, she gets less food stamps. There are also mothers out there who sell the stuff they get for free with WIC. Think about that. Free day care, free food stamps, free WIC. There's also governeunt funded health insurance. These single mothers end up in a bad spot where they basically are stuck living off the government raising kids in a subpar manner.

    So the more single mothers we get, the more we will suffer economically. They struggle to hold a job. When they do land one they constantly need to leave because of a babysitter problem. Their kids are being raised in daycare and not by them because they need to work. Their situation makes it too hard to get a worthwhile position that pays well because they're too obligated to their kids so they're stuck in low income resulting in them going for these gov't programs. It's a real mess.

    • Where i live, most of the kids even my friends, most of their parents are split. My little sister has a friends where the dad couldnt take it any more and left and now the mom has to do everything herself. The girl is scuicidal and doe a lot of crazy shit. I think its the new reality of toays world where most people are not going to grow up in a family.

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  • Well yeah its a problem. Most children born to single mothers don't turn out decent. Women shouldn't get pregnant until after marriage. And men should financially take of their children once they are here. The family unit has been destroyed now that there is no stigma against single moms anymore.

  • women need to value themselves more and close their legs and stop walking around half naked
    and guys need to learn this thing called responsibility and being a real man

    and yes it is TERRIBLE for society
    compare today's society with the time of parents or grandparents when the word family actually meant something and marriage had value, things much more better and a lot more stable and people in general were better and had morals and values and manners,,, etc
    see, family is the building unit of society, the worse the conditions of families are the worse society gets
    broken homes, divorce rates, children having to live with 2 mothers or two fathers, single mothers/fathers, kids of prostitutes, "mistake" children, teen moms... etc
    all that is horrible for society and of course for the whole country in turn

    • oh and for the mothers who have been put in that situation against their will or they did everything right but the circumstances put them in that place

      well those are the real hard workers, the real brave women who should be absolutely proud of themselves
      raising a child is hard, let alone doing it all by yourself add to that the bills, your work, the house, taking care of YOU... etc

  • I feel bad for single mothers because taking care of a child by one's self just seems so depressing.


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