If a guy keeps unattractive pictures of you from a long time ago (3years) does that have anything to do with how much he actually likes you?

We both just recently admitted that we've both always liked each other.
His response after the pic was "you never need make up but when you have it on Super model"
he didn't send it until after I said if we've both always liked each other we should just be with each other and he agreed.
i don't even remember taking the picture it's so old but I remember the background my old apartment that's how I know how old it is
Okay so if the pic was the only one and it's a contact picture does it change anything?


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  • Yes if he has photo's of you look at your worse we really like you and see your real beauty outside as well as the inside.


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  • It's possible, but it's also possible he just keeps them for memories, but I think he probably keeps them because they remind him of what you were like a few years or months back.


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