Are you the type of person who minds their own bussiness or do you care about what other people do?

Do you just think of the thibgs that personally effect you. Do you not care about other people. Explain please.


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  • I think most people will answer that they don't care about what other people do, and it's a bit of a front. I think it's only natural to be curious and wonder about others, especially if they elbow in to our lives on their own and try and cause us grief.

    I can tell you I'm one of these people who, for the most part, doesn't care about what other people are doing, but do care if I begin to get involved. For example, if I am lending money to my husband's parents to pay a bill, only to find out that they spent it on alcohol (which has happened), I will want to keep tabs on things like this so that when I refuse lending them money they will understand why. If I didn't get this information, I would be taken advantage of repeatedly (which has happened). So for things like this, yes, I care about what people do.

    For everyday normal stuff that doesn't affect me in any way, no, I don't care.


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  • I normally stay out of others people business because I rather not end up being wrong and making everything worse.


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  • If my family and friends need me, I'll be there. I have a lot of people counting on me, I won't let them down.

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