Should I tell my boyfriend about his friend walking in on me in the bath tub?

My parents are out of town this week so my boyfriend and I had a few friends over last night. Two of my girlfriends came and 5 of my BF's guy friends were over. We were all drinking, probably more than we should. My two friends left around 10pm because they both had to work today so after they left I pretty much left the party to the boys.

I went into my parents room to take a bath and was planning on sleeping in there while my BF's friends slept in my room. I did not lock the door to my parents bedroom because my boyfriend was sleeping in there with me. There is not a door to their bathroom, its just a wall to walk around. I didn't feel like I needed to lock the door because my boyfriend was with all the guys and I didn't want to lock him out if I fell asleep. I got my things ready for a bath and got in. I was in there for awhile just relaxing. I could hear the guys walk outside to the back yard where they went to smoke.

I was laying in the bath tub with my ears underwater and my eyes closed for a few min when I heard what sounded like water running. I opened my eyes and saw one of my BF's friends peeing in the toilet that was right next to me. It was obvious he was wasted but regardless he saw full frontel view of me, because by this time all my bubbles had disapated, and I got an up close and personal view of his junk as I opened my eyes. I quickly covered my boobs with my hands and crossed my legs. I was like "dude WTF" I was trying not look or laugh at the same time and it felt like he was peeing forever. When he finished he zipped up and before he walked out he made a pretty inappropriate commet about my boobs. I just told him to F off.

I don't know if my boyfriend knows this happened or not, Im not even sure the guy who walked in on me knows. My boyfriend is not really the jealous type but he might be upset knowing he saw me completly naked, Or if I told him the inapproiate commet he said.

Do I tell my boyfriend or not?
Should I tell my boyfriend about his friend walking in on me in the bath tub?
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