Please help, not sure what do! In a relationship, but starting to think of someone else?

So, I recently began a relationship wiht someone, it'll be 2 months that we have been dating in a couple of days.

And our relationship is going good so far, but lately I've been thinking of one of my best friends, that I have gotten to know really well.

Well the girl that I'm dating is E, and she's nice, and really seems to like me, and sees that our relationship has a future.

However, back when school was in session, I did fool around a bit with my best friend, Z, we did nude modeling together, and when ever we would hang out, we'd almost always cuddle and get down to our underwear. I did even finger her and eat her out, which was her first time doing anything like that.

Well, towards the end of the school year, I found out that Z, likes me too, but we did decide to remain single, and see how we feel about each other in the fall. Z did say that she also doesn't want me to wait for her, and I agreed with her statement Well, in May, I met another girl, and started a relationship with her, E. And while things are going good, I have recently have been thinking about Z, and the possiblilites that my occur if I am single when she returns to school in a month.

What should I do?
  • Break up with my girlfriend, and be single
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  • Talk to me girlfriend about it.
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  • Break up with my girlfriend, and try to start a relationship with Z
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  • Tell, Z, but not my girlfriend.
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  • Do nothing, just keep it to yourself
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  • For now I would keep it to myself. Tell E and Z when the time is right for you.

  • In my opinion, I feel like you're in a relationship with someone and you can see things working out. Why would throw it away for another girl who you fooled around with and now you find out that she likes you. if she really liked you she wouldn't have said wait till the fall. She would want you now even if it was long distance. You know what I mean? Just wait and see you your relationship with E goes.


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