Is it love or a game? What does he want?

So there's this guy at my work , he is a total flirt and he is usually always thinking about one thing -s**
we always flirt with each other but recently we started to take it more seriously, well at least that's what o thought. Anyway we were supposed to go on a date bit things went wrong and it ended kinda badly because he got into the conclusion that we aren't matching. After hearing him and he's reasons I realized l was just another game for him, and because I am very hard (meaning that I don't put out and I respect myself) I guess he gave up because he wanted something else.
anyway lol getting to main thing: he thought that I won't speak to him after the fight but I really don't resent him or something, after all it's good that we didn't date cause we have different needs, but even though he said "we are not a match" he still keeps to show some affection - he always look for a door to be open and than he give a side hug and kissed the top of my head multiple times , he tease me , look me straight in the eyes when I speak , ask me if I am going out today, touches my hands and rub his legs with mines, saying teasing stuff, gets kinda jealous when I'm with other guys and I don't understand why , he's the one who ended it so why does he keeps doing those stuff and what does it means? Does it means I'm not a game to him? Guys please help me understand him from a guy point of you
and girls please help me with what to do in this situation because I'm really attracted to him even though I know he's a "bad guy"

Btw: what does the head kiss means?


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  • If it were me, I'd just ask him, point blank, what he wants. I don't have time time to make assumptions all day, and from what I read, that's all this is.

    We need more open communcation these days. So much more could be solved in minutes, rather than days, weeks, and months.


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