Friends with benefits. Questions and queries. Please help?

I have a friends with benefits. We are honest with each other. I do like him Unfortunately, he knows this.. well after 4 months I realised I did really like him, and I panicked because that isn't what we were about, and obviously cause of that fact I didn't really want to let him go, I couldn't, so I think rather stupidly looking back.. I thought if I was a pain in the ass and text him a lot and told him how much I liked him! Like you know be a little too much and a little crazy, just random crap really.. that he would be like you know what no I can't be arsed. So he would do what I couldn't. But he didn't, so after a few weeks and him obviously being like wtf I told him my plan and by that point id come to the conclusion it was stupid and I didn't want him to say it was over, I expected it tho, why hasn't he? He's said it's gotten too serious And he wasn't sure but that was weeks ago. Why hasn't he just walked away?


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  • He loves you honey the correct was to scare him off would be a take him to a sex dungeness and tell him he was a bad boy that needed to be punished or go buy the biggest dido the make look him straight I'm they eye and say think I can get this up your ass

    • What the heck? Hahahah who's to say that wouldn't of been something he liked! But seriously! Honest opinion :P

What Girls Said 1

  • He values the sex. That's why he hasn't walked away.

    • But he can get that anywhere?

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