How do you deal with your partner's past?

I recently asked my boyfriend how many girls he's been with (it's only 7 and he's 25 so it's not like the number itself concerns me) and ever since then I can't stop thinking about them. At first it was just wondering if he compared me to them but now I can't even lay in his bed without wondering who else laid there with him. Has anyone else had this happen and if so, how'd you get over it? ):


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  • Knew a guy once whose girlfriend had blown like 20 guys. But she was very sweet. She just acknowledged that she had "made a lot of mistakes" in her romantic life. So the slate was clean.

    What someone has done in the past is largely only relevant in how it informs their present actions, behavior and worldview. If your boyfriend's present is wonderful, that's all you need to think about. :)


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  • most guys I know their numbers are 50+ women


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  • Thats why you don't ask. How many have you been with? Is it really all that diffrent? Does it matter? He is with you now, not them that should be the part that matters. If he really wanted to be with one of the girls from his past wouldn't he still be with her instead of you? It seems odd that you would be concerned since it has no impact on the here and now. Worring about it will only weaken your relationship with him not make it better.

  • I'd consider my self a religious man. And the biggest lesson I learned from my faith is to forgive. The Lord is eternally forgiving and we should do the same. This one girl told me she lost her virginity in high school and wondered if that turned me off. I said absolutely not! I don't hold grudge against people. People make mistakes and you have to learn to forgive

  • Yes he Ia comparing but there all exes for a resion and know he's dating you instead


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