Why can't I find love it feels hopeless?

So I've met a lot of girls and only ever likes one things happend and she moved far far away but I feel like I will never find any one there r only a few things that I want short like 4'6 my age shy really nice and acts like a woman all I c when I look at a girl that don't have those things I feel like she is disloyal and a cheater and its a big turn off could I ever find a girl like this
Sorry bout the bad question I have been up for a loooong time and I am half asleep so the question is cinda really bad and I said it wrong sorry


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  • '' I want short like 4'6 ''

    I'm sorry, But unless your dating 9 year olds, You aren't going to be finding much, if any 4ft 6in women...

    • Oh, Forgot to mention, please dont fucking date 9 year olds xD...

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    • 17 man an I'm 5'7

    • and 4ft 6in is to your chest? Surely her head would be at your stomach? 0_o

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  • How old are you exactly? I don't care if you're into that sort of thing, but 4'6 is by definition a midget

    • Why dose every body have to pull the m card out we both 17 I Don't date or would ever date a girls that is like ten thats just sick and am not attracted to girls that r like 2 or more years younger i just like short girls just love to hold them

    • Adults under 4'10 are legally midgets. Also, I never said anything about you dating 10 year olds. Feeling guilty about something? :P

  • Have you tried looking under the sofa?


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