How do you stop falling in love/catching feelings for people so fast?

I catch feelings REALLY fast, like waaaaayyyy faster then normal people. How can I slow it down a little so I don't keep getting hurt?


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  • You aren't falling in love with the person. You love the IDEA of the person. You WANT a relationship with the person based on very very limited information. You WANT a relationship so much that you just leap and mistake it for love for that person. You need to really use your head. See things for what they really are instead of what you want them to be. It isn't the guy, it's you and your happines that you want.


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  • Experience. It's really terrible to move fast in relationships because you really need to get to know your partner. For example you may meet someone at a party and you think they're cute on first glance so you talk to him and you start flirting and than the next minute you're like wow who's this guy and where has he been my whole life? So you sleep with him and than the next day you're looking at him and you feel regret because you realize you don't really like him that much and it's hard to respect someone who moves that quickly into things honestly. It's always best to get to know someone and I mean really build a relationship with them those are the best kinds of relationships. My best advice is just chill and focus on other things there are so many men out there it's ridiculous but there's only one you so guard your heart and don't give your love to someone who doesn't appreciate it

    • I don't sleep around and I do take things slow, I just catch feelings really fast

    • Thanks for answering though 😊

    • That's good. You're welcome

  • There's no way to do that.

    • Thanks for answering 😊

  • Play hard to get


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