I'm Crushing On A Picky Girl, What Should I get Her For Our First Date?

Okay so I've been talking to this girl and I know she likes me. Then she asked me when I was going to take her on a date, and she told me she was allegic to flowers and I remember she also mentioned hating chocolate! I could get her a teddy bear or something but I really need to impress her grandma. Please somebody help me, this is our first date and I really like her so it has to be perfect! What should I get her?


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  • have sex is good


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  • Get her some feminism and ask her to pay her own bill. lol

  • I would not get her something on your first date together. Wait until it's truly worth it. ;) Her grandma you can get a vegetable slicer... :) :) :) Link: what-should-i. com/shop/mum/veggetti-spiral-vegetable-slicer-make-homemade-pasta/

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