Should I go out with a guy with a (very) strong accent?

There's this guy I met recently in one of my classes. He's clearly interested in me, and I think he's a pretty decent guy. The problem is that he has a strong accent that can be very difficult to understand at times. I probably only understand about 2/3 of what he's saying. Should I give him a chance, or jsut give up?

P. S. If you have gone out with a guy or girl with a strong accent before that made it difficult to understand what he/she was saying, could you please give me some tips on making it work? Thanks :)
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What Guys Said 1

  • Give him a chance, I have several Russian friends with thick accents but after time you get used to it and able to understand them properly


What Girls Said 1

  • Give him a chance. I started work and aome people at work have a very strong accent and I had a lot of difficulty understanding but a few months workinf there and I gor used to it and understand them most of the time. They are pretty cool too as when you dont understand them they usually make a joke how they are using broken English. They know they have strong accents and dont mind if you ask them to repeat. Just ask him to repeat if you dont understand, I am sure he is aware he has an accent.


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