I don't know how to get a boyfriend at all?

I have absolutely no game when it comes to attracting guys and I need advice on what to do before the school year starts in 2 weeks. I have shitty confidence in myself and in my self esteem but no one knows that because I walk with my head high and keep a smile on my face. Every single one of my friends can get a boyfriend but no one will even look at me. I am in no way shape or form a nerd but I get good grades and respect people unlike most of the girls at my school who will disrepect someone like a teacher or administor in a heartbeat but those are the ones they seem to flock to like I don't understand it at all? What am I doing wrong? I'm not the best looking but some of the girls who they flock to are no better than I am when it comes to looks. (I know I have no place to say or even think that but I'm just wondering)

and I talk to guys like I talk to my friends so I'm not all inexperienced when it comes to talking its just the flirting part that messes me up which is why I don't do it because I always have the fear embarassing myself while doing it or the other person not feeling the same what


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  • Me too I have a same problem!! But more like I don't know what to say to girls who aren't friends. Anyways what I'm getting at is that don't sweat it. Honestly just forget about your lacking self-esteem/confidence. Trust me. I may not be the most experienced guy, but from what I can tell we share similarities haha sorry if that came out wrong (hope you don't take it personally) :(
    What I'm trying to say is that when I did the thimg above, I got lucky hehe xD. I still, to this day still think less of myself when it comes to looks. The best thing you can do is just be who you want to be. Act the why you want dress the way you want. In my case I got lucky, real lucky and my girlfriend (now ex) asked me out!! So yeah... don't let it go to your head. Stay cool, calm, and collected. And be you!!!

    Sorry if this is too long of a post xp but the moral of my story is just try not to think too much about your self-confidence issues. Hope this helps you get the guy in mind!!


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  • Flirt, flirt flirt... Don't attach any feeling or expectation to it. You don't have to go after them, you just need to signal availability and you do that by flirting. It's amazing what a little confidence can do to make a girl be attractive. Walking around with your head high and a smile might signal your indifference more than anything else. A head held high is a signal of superiority, aloofness and indifference. Confidence means you can engage directly, eye contact al that business. There are guys out there that are interested in you, but you are not showing them you have any interest whatsoever and you are maybe even better off alone than with them.

    • I didn't mean head high as in that way I was meaning that I don't mope around like some do that feel like I do and the worst part about that is I have no clue how to flirt

    • There's something you are doing that is putting them off and making them think you are disinterested. Take a step back, figure out who you would be interested in spending a few hours with and flirt a little bit. THere's bound to be a few guys out there.

  • Get one out of your friend zone. You may have to pull a bit, to be explicit.

  • just talk, flirt, play hit

    • I worry about hurting them when I play hit lol and I have no clue how to flirt I'm THAT much of an ametuer

    • your not gonna hurt a man by play hitting, As for flirting just try touching them a lot while talking play with your hair bite your lip. obviously don't do all this at the same time cause you'll look weird lol but just space it out.

  • Honestly don't think too much about it, just be more calm and outgoing, Try dressing with outfits that you're usually not uncomfortable with so you can help your self confidence and always try to make your self happier with your body like going to the gym , swimming etc because no guy is going to want to stay with you if you have horrible confidence in yourself ANDDD You should never ever care about what people think about you. Trust me , when you are truly happy about yourself guys will be coming at you


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  • please don't do this to yourself. just do whatever you want and be you, when that guy comes around you'll know and you are way to young to care about finding a boyfriend.

    Ask yourself do u want a boyfriend just to have a boyfriend or do you want a boyfriend you actually like.

    • This right here, someone hand her a MHO haha

    • Sometimes I think being me is what drives them away I don't know but I've asked myself that question several times over the years and I don't want a boyfriend just to say I have a boyfriend because there's no point in that

  • I'm not sure what your exact age is but you have to realize that in high school your dating pool is quite small. A lot of guys are still playing the field and not really ready or looking for a relationship. That makes it harder to find someone and limits your opportunities. I'd suggest opening yourself up to as many chances to meet new people as possible but at the same time to be patient and enjoy your own company. I only really started dating at uni because of the reason mentioned above.


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