Girls, Why does my ex girlfriend want me to hang out with her and her new bf?

We broke up two weeks ago. And started seeing another guy the day after but i act like i didn't care. She left that guy after a week and is now seeing a new guy. And she rubs him in my face about how happy she is. And i ignored it and told her to forget me though i really still love her. She told me i won't get rid of her that easily. After that she asked me to be friends so i told her u can't. Then two days after that she asked if i wanted to hang out with her and her new boyfriend. Whats up with this girl? I really love her but is she just playing with me?


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  • She's rubbing your nose in it and you need to get away from her. She's poison.

  • She wants you to be jealous. That's all there is to it.

    • Why would she want that?

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