What should I do about my boyfriend's crazy, aggressive mother?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over two years. He is 19 and I'm 17. He lives with his grandma and his mother is his neighbor. He takes medication for depression and anxiety. His mother constantly tries to control him when he doesn't live with her and she provides nothing for him. His family found out that he and I had sex. Where I live I'm the age of consent so it's not illegal. His family is very Christian, especially his mother. She yelled at him so much. She immediately called up almost the entire family and told them about it. The aunts, uncles, everyone. That was about 2 months ago. I understand that the main problem is that we lied to them. She still gets mad at him about it when the rest of his family is over it. She will constantly yell at him for it. She is probably insulting me. None of us like how she is responding to it. She takes out her anger on his grandma too. His mother says that none of it would be happening if her father was here. Her father passed away a few months after I started dating my boyfriend. He was the only father figure to my boyfriend. His grandma now has a boyfriend and his mother referred to him as a "fuck buddy." To her own mother! She only said it to make his grandma feel bad. It doesn't matter that my boyfriend was sick yesterday, she still yelled at him. She will yell at anyone when it suits her. We can't even talk to her about it because if anyone says anything she doesn't like it will start a screaming match. The whole situation is just making my boyfriend upset stressing me out and putting stress on our relationship. I guess the problem isn't just that we had sex, but that now she hates me. What should I do if she yells at me or at my boyfriend or his grandma in front of me? Step in? Let it play out?


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  • she's stupid and its none of her buisness what you guys do sue the bitch! Thats what you should do and a restraining order cause she's mental and poor grandma... Why are you around her anyway? All you guys are going to do is get her mad give her time.


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